Thursday, October 16, 2008

Chiropractor anyone?

So after we did school work today, we cleaned up the living room and I started making lunch... I looked back to see what the kids were up to and found out that my son Steven wants to be a chiropractor when he gets big. But until then, he will just practice on his sister.
He is very comforting... reassuring... "you will hear a little bit of popcorn but do not be afraid"

Here he is measuring which leg his patient can lift higher in order to establish where the problem is... Notice that his arms are not long enough to measure... He figured it didn't really matter anyway ;-)
"Lift your leg as high as you can without bending the knee... Ok, good, now the other..."
You would think he has been once or twice wouldn't you?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the girls are making dinner

So tonight, the girls are making dinner.... Heather is making Pizza and Rebekah is making Pasta Salad. Then, they are both making brownies... No help from mommy or daddy. Right now they are trying to figure out the pampered chef can opener (no cut fingers) so they can put olives on their food. Oopp Rebekah is done with the can opener and is on to the pampered chef food chopper. This whole kids cooking thing would not be nearly as care free without pampered chef's cool gadgets. They cannot hurt themselves unless they really try. And if they want to get hurt that bad, I think they deserve it... ;-P
Ok, so Bekah really likes the chopper. Hitting things with permission is so much fun. Heather figured out the can opener without help... good for her. My mom can non even do that.
Bekah is stirring the noodles. She is doing a good job. Heather just put a TON of olives on a mushroom pizza. yummy.
Ok, Pizza is in the oven (she asked mommy for help) and they are on to the brownies... Heather reads and Rebekah is learning to follow directions from her sister. This should be good.
Oh look, now Rebekah is teaching Heather how to use the chopper. This is really cute.
I should take pictures... BRB...

Hahahha Heather is not tall enough to reach the top shelf to get a serving bowl out of the cupboard so she pushed the stool over and climbed on the counter and got it.... She is so resourceful. I will not mention that she learns best by example...

Ok, now we have olives in the pasta salad and itallian dressing too.
Eeww.. Bekah just snuck a heaping spoonful of pasta into her mouth to "test it" I think we will just not broadcast that.
ok, salad is in the fridge and they are on to the brownies. They have the brownie mix...
the eggs..
the water...........
Uh oh... we have a 1/4 cup and need 1/2 cup... what do we do? What do we do?!
Wow! I have some smart kids. They figured out the dreaded fractions.

On to the mixers... oh they really enjoy cooking. Especially when they get to lick the beaters. Oh look and mommy gets the bowl. Awesome! That is the way to spoil ones dinner... (like I said before... they learn best by example... I don't know WHERE they get this stuff ;-P )
Ok, I am going to lick my bowl. Talk to ya later.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Freckles... a sign of maturity

So my little boy is quite precious. Randomly throughout the week, he will get my attention and be VERY excited!!!
"Mommy, Mommy, look!"

"What Steven?"
"Look, mommy, I am getting a little spot on my arm, just like you and daddy!"
"Let me see this baby" (of course I had no idea what he was talking about the first time he did this)
"What spot baby? I don't see anything"

"The ones like you and daddy... Look like these ones" and he points to the freckles on my arm...
I had never realized that kids didn't come with freckles. ;-) Steven is quite excited that he is growing up and getting spots...