Thursday, July 30, 2009

yard sale

So we had a yard sale a few weeks ago (two) and it was HOT!!!! We sold a bunch of stuff, made a bunch of money, spent a bunch of money, sweltered in the heat... all kinds of things happened over the weekend, but the one that I took pictures of was.... well... here you seee......
This is Heather... posing, cause that is what she does....
Can you guess what she is doing?

The jar is a good clue
She is hunting for butterflies.
It was her idea that if she dressed in bright colors and sprayed herself with fruity spray (bathroom freshener) that she could attract the butterflies, making them think she was a flower.
She was nearly devastated when they did not jump in her jar!

My baby is a silly (imaginative) little thing...
Cute though...

We made bread!

So once again it has been FOREVER since I have written anything on here... I have been consumed by Facebook and even further into Farmtown... I am weaning myself off of there right now, but it is a bumpy process..... I have not even been keeping up on reading my usual blogs. But.... tonight was fun so here goes...

We made bread! I measured out the right amount of each ingredient and they mixed it all up and tried to take a few pictures and then after it had risen once, they each got a clump for the purpose of shaping..... Here are a few pictures
yes this is my house and it is a mess... but that is my two year old making bread ...and my 6 year old taking pictures... so there....  :-)

Lets see, Heather made the heart, Rebekah made the pretty "twisty" one, Steven came and asked if I would help him make a "human" (not sure why he didnt want a man or a boy or a person, but that works....), and my Jer boy asked for a "blob" which is pronounced "dlod" :-)

Then for dinner we decided to eat Stevens "body" and had WAY too much fun chewing on his legs and arms and filling his parts with "blood vessles"

I must say, that human was scrumptious!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mmmm fishies...

Oh look, snack time...
No, wait, its learning colors..... what a delish way for the two year old to learn colors....
Wow... hold on here... it is also math and reading WHAT is going on here?!
How did snack time turn into school?
Oh, wait, we home school.... that's right, I remember now... This is how WE teach.... ok, go on, you have my permission...
*insert picture of happy kids eating fish crackers and stuffing them in daddies mouth*
(mommy went back to washing dishes)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My little boy turned 4!

So, It has been a really busy month... I have not blogged much, and in order to remember what we did, i had to consult my good ole trusty.... camera. That is right, If I tried to write down appointments or activities in a day planner, I would be LOST! HOPELESSLY LOST!!! I actually do have one, but it is better suited for telling me what date it is when I write a check at Win Co (since they do not accept credit.... :-( ) Anyway, I did check my camera to see where I left off on my seldom updated blog, and noticed that my baby boy (no, not the baby OR the first born, just.... mine....) had a birthday since I was on here last. (His birthday was the 6th of June)
So.... without further adieu, I bring you, Steven's 4th birthday!
#1 Cake (Costco baby!)
#2 Gifts
#3 Pizza
#4 (and my personal favorite) GREAT FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!

And that my friends is how to have a great birthday party.

Oh, I forgot to mention the sweet people in the backround of the pizza picture... they were amazing strangers.... they had rented the arbor that we set up camp in. In fact, ALL of the arbors were rented and being used. (I have never thrown a birthday party at a public park on a weekend before, so this was BIG news to me) Anyway, these sweet people gave us their arbor when they were finished with it... Isn't that sweet?! You should have seen us before that.... We had bed blankets and table cloths and WAY too many people for them.... and the wind was kicking up and the food was getting blown about... it was an interesting sight to see... But our lovely strangers swept in and saved the day. THANK YOU STRANGERS!!! It was a lovely party.

what to do with a TON of plums???

ok, so I do not think i have a months worth of updates in me tonight, but I wanted to show you all (me when I look back at this) what I did!
I made a screen about 2ft x3ft
Then I lined one with plastic wrap. and poured plum puree on it and put another screen on top to keep out the bugs and dust and stuff...
Then I let this wonderful heat do its magic.... and LOOK what happened!!!
FRUIT LEATHER!!!  So.... well, what else? Made something that could be transported easily...
Mmmmmm..... it is really yummy.... and nothin but plum. I just cut the flesh away from the pit and took most of the skin off.... I dare say it could even be considered healthy. YAY me!!! I am really excited!