Monday, January 19, 2009

Birthday Party

Ok, So Friday night was Jeremiah's 2nd birthday party and it was kind of fun. I took pictures, so you can tell me what you think.
This was the first cake... I was not sure of how many people would be coming so I made a few. This one was two layers and I was TRYING to write JD's name, but the frosting was NOT cooperating!
Then there was this one

This is just one layer and I decided to have fun with it....
Then, I still had some batter left over and decided to make one just for Jer...

It is about two cupcakes worth of cake.
So, are the pictures from the party...
Ohhh.... Cake                                it was uky..

Oh, a Fork                                    Much Better!

Me                                              Lovin' on my little man

I just have to say that this was SO cool. Jeremiah has a special lovey... It is his "bobby" He cannot say Lobster. But we have a pacifier tied to the antenna of a stuffed (plush) lobster. I have GOT to figure out how to photoshop a picture of Jeremiah into this lobsters face... It just HAS to be done! Thank you Julie for that!
Kids playin....                                        Blowing out the candle

He is blowing on it so it does not burn him... She is showing off

Steven loves Papa Joe                    Opening gifts

Saying thank you                                      earlier in the day... He LOVES cars!

Well, now you were at the party too... I hope you enjoyed it.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Party time part two

Ok, so as I was saying...
Jeremiah is turning 2 and we are throwing him a party tomorrow night. Not the kind of party that I would be proud of claiming.... you know, the kind that has a bunch of guests, a cake, a pinata, some games, decorations, party bags... you know... a birthday party. No, this is not that kind of party. It was supposed to be that kind of party. You see, I figured out why my boys have yet to have that kind of a party. My girls have birthdays a month before each of the boys and THEY always have one of those kind of parties...
Sooo, I figured I would switch things up this year. For Heathers birthday we did it small. We got ice cream and she got to go scrapbooking with mommy. (midnight is a big deal when you are turning 7) So I was prepared to do a big shindig for Jeremiah... I just didn't.
Tomorrow we are going to pizza and just happened to invite a few friends in passing while we were at AWANA last night. I feel terrible. I didn't even throw him a FIRST birthday party. Now his second birthday is not a big deal either.... one of these days he will have a shindig... Maybe it will be when he will actually remember it. Until then, I will rely soley on my abilty to take pictures that make it look like there was a party and scrap book it with lots of embelishments...
Anyway, I hope you all enjoy your Friday night. We will be having Pizza and singing happy birthday.

Party Time

So my littlest boy turns 2 years old on Sunday. How did that happen so fast?
To be continued.....
Mu husband just ran me a bubble bath... I am going to go enjoy it.


So after a whole day of trying to set up a facebook account and track all the comments and friend requests... I am so grateful for myspace. I like that most people on facebook are current, but it is just so much easier to navigate myspace. Ahhh... I need to blog more often. I need to manage my time better. I need to enjoy my children more instead of manage them. urrggg so much to learn. So little time. How does that all work out that way? Oh well. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Adoption Status

So we finally had our first interview/homestudy with the adoption social worker on Monday. (the last one was with the foster care social worker) She was here for 3 hours. (I did not expect that) I was just really glad that it was nap time. She was asking REALLY personal questions. I cannot imagine having had to answer them in while children interrupted and eves dropped.... Anyway... She had two main concerns... One- the bathroom in the back bedroom (the one that is now our toy room) is too "sterrile" Which from her discription I can only assume means too white... (It was a rental before us so everything is white). We need to decorate. She mentioned the HG channel which I have never heard of so then she mentioned magazines... At what point does wanting to give children a loving and safe home become trendy?!!!??? I was irritated.
Anyway, Two- there were two rooms that are really cluttered. They need to be kid ready. I told her that i could do that in a matter of days if someone would kindly tell me when it needs to be done. At this point we have been "preparing" for kids for MONTHS. and still no sign of when they are to arrive. So yes, the "spare" rooms are being used in the mean time. For instance one of them is called rhe junk room. It has things in it that either need to get taken up to the attic, or given away and I just havent found someone to take it.... So Christmas stuff, outgrown clothes and shoes, books that we don't need, things like that end up in there because it is a big empty room.... That will not cut it for licencing... And the other room is my bedroom where everything gets put... Clothes that need mending, all the stuff that needs to be labeled for JBF (the consignment sale that comes around twice a year) Wrapping paper..... on and on...
Well, yes those rooms need to get cleaned... no big deal. I know that and am SLOWLY working on it. But in the mean time, I still live here. I have 4 kids who live here. There are other things that get done cause they are on the top of the agenda... Bathing, laundry, homeschooling, food, dishes, vacuumeing, so on and so forth...
So I ask her if she can give me a honey do list so I can be working on it until the next time we meet so things can look better from her point of view. She says those rooms and the bathroom that I mentioned is really it, but I will look over the other list (that the first homestudy lady gave us) and try to update it for you. What has been done and what still need to get done.
So yesterday I got an email from her that says that the first homestudy list looks good and she wouldnt change it. (though more than half of that stuff is done and it NEVER mentioned the bathroom) So I should pull it back out agian and work from it. THEN... I got a second email from her stating that she had spoken with her supervisor and the homestudy will be discontinued until we can make the house more sutible for adopting.
I was SO irritated!!!  when she was here things looked good to have kids soon. Now we are not even on their radar anymore.... I don't get it.
Anyway, It sounds like I am a few boxes from the attic and a few coats of pait away from kids... But who knows what will change by the next time we meet with them...
Sorry to vent, but I seem to get irritated when I talk on this subject. Go figure. I love ya all and hope to hear from you soon...