Monday, January 19, 2009

Birthday Party

Ok, So Friday night was Jeremiah's 2nd birthday party and it was kind of fun. I took pictures, so you can tell me what you think.
This was the first cake... I was not sure of how many people would be coming so I made a few. This one was two layers and I was TRYING to write JD's name, but the frosting was NOT cooperating!
Then there was this one

This is just one layer and I decided to have fun with it....
Then, I still had some batter left over and decided to make one just for Jer...

It is about two cupcakes worth of cake.
So, are the pictures from the party...
Ohhh.... Cake                                it was uky..

Oh, a Fork                                    Much Better!

Me                                              Lovin' on my little man

I just have to say that this was SO cool. Jeremiah has a special lovey... It is his "bobby" He cannot say Lobster. But we have a pacifier tied to the antenna of a stuffed (plush) lobster. I have GOT to figure out how to photoshop a picture of Jeremiah into this lobsters face... It just HAS to be done! Thank you Julie for that!
Kids playin....                                        Blowing out the candle

He is blowing on it so it does not burn him... She is showing off

Steven loves Papa Joe                    Opening gifts

Saying thank you                                      earlier in the day... He LOVES cars!

Well, now you were at the party too... I hope you enjoyed it.

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