Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My little boy turned 4!

So, It has been a really busy month... I have not blogged much, and in order to remember what we did, i had to consult my good ole trusty.... camera. That is right, If I tried to write down appointments or activities in a day planner, I would be LOST! HOPELESSLY LOST!!! I actually do have one, but it is better suited for telling me what date it is when I write a check at Win Co (since they do not accept credit.... :-( ) Anyway, I did check my camera to see where I left off on my seldom updated blog, and noticed that my baby boy (no, not the baby OR the first born, just.... mine....) had a birthday since I was on here last. (His birthday was the 6th of June)
So.... without further adieu, I bring you, Steven's 4th birthday!
#1 Cake (Costco baby!)
#2 Gifts
#3 Pizza
#4 (and my personal favorite) GREAT FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!

And that my friends is how to have a great birthday party.

Oh, I forgot to mention the sweet people in the backround of the pizza picture... they were amazing strangers.... they had rented the arbor that we set up camp in. In fact, ALL of the arbors were rented and being used. (I have never thrown a birthday party at a public park on a weekend before, so this was BIG news to me) Anyway, these sweet people gave us their arbor when they were finished with it... Isn't that sweet?! You should have seen us before that.... We had bed blankets and table cloths and WAY too many people for them.... and the wind was kicking up and the food was getting blown about... it was an interesting sight to see... But our lovely strangers swept in and saved the day. THANK YOU STRANGERS!!! It was a lovely party.

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