Wednesday, July 1, 2009

what to do with a TON of plums???

ok, so I do not think i have a months worth of updates in me tonight, but I wanted to show you all (me when I look back at this) what I did!
I made a screen about 2ft x3ft
Then I lined one with plastic wrap. and poured plum puree on it and put another screen on top to keep out the bugs and dust and stuff...
Then I let this wonderful heat do its magic.... and LOOK what happened!!!
FRUIT LEATHER!!!  So.... well, what else? Made something that could be transported easily...
Mmmmmm..... it is really yummy.... and nothin but plum. I just cut the flesh away from the pit and took most of the skin off.... I dare say it could even be considered healthy. YAY me!!! I am really excited!

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