Thursday, April 9, 2009

Just because it has been a while.....

Well, It seems (once again) that I have neglected my blog for some time now.... I usually have the time to catch up on reading blogs, OR on posting them... NEVER both. So today I shall post.
Now that that is done, how are you all? It has been a while. We are doing well here. My best friend just moved away (from next door to 12 hours away) and that has been hard, but other than that life is good.
We attended the licensing orientation through the county and are doing the paperwork for them. They do it a bit different than Koinonia did. We have ALL the paperwork that needs to be done and ALL the checklists now. (got them at orientation) and when we are ready to have them check us, we turn it all in together.... I think I like it this way better... I am in control of when I am done instead of waiting for someone else to give me more things to do.
Homeshcooling is going well... I think.... At least for now we have kindof developed an approach of unschooling or something like it..... we do unit studies, and the kids love to do workbooks, and we talk ALOT... and read ALOT.... and they are learning ALOT, but we do not have any sort of schedule or agenda or structure. That "tactic" will no doubt change as the kids get bigger and need to know more, but it seems to be working for now.
We are enjoying the outdoors alot more now that the weather has gotten nice. We even made a garden bed. teh dogs would tear it up if it were in the backyard, but we made a pretty one in the front. This way when we are not growing veggies, we can still plant pretty flowers and it will be nice...
First, the kids lined up the bricks....

Then I got to put them where they belong and straight-ish

and snap your fingers and do a little dance and here is the end result

I have teh seeds started now and we will plant them soon I think. The cucumber and Zuccini are outgrowing the little starter pods... not sure how the onions and carrots are going to do... we shall see. This is our first attempt at a garden. It is all new to us.
Well, that is it for now... oh, my hunny and I are going to the Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W Smith concert tomorrow night.... I am really excited. It is our early anniversary celebration.... We have not been to a concert before. It sould be good.....
I hope to hear from you soon.

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