Friday, March 4, 2011

Words that come back to haunt...

I am new to blogger and am still trying to remember all the little details... sign on name, web address, password... you know. that trivial stuff :-) Anyway, I could not remember the blog address when I was trying to share it with a friend, so I went searching for it... My favorite search engine is Swagbucks so I typed in my blog name and WOW! There was SO much info with my name on it! I started clicking around just to see what I could find :-) Look at what I found...
In response to a "friends" blog post on being a "head counting kindof family" :-)

challmeyer wrote- "I think it is one of those hidden surprises that God lets us in on when we are following in the path that he has for us... yes, it is chaotic, but oh, SO rewarding and enjoyable :-) I only have four of my own for now, but we are trying to axpand :-)We drive a fifteen passenger van and OFTEN carpool or "babysit" with/for friends. Last night we were on the way to an out of town swim meet and had the van loaded down... in the rearview mirror all I could see was kids... all ages of kids playing together (14yrs-18mos). Paper rock scissors, hand games, telling jokes, helping out the littler ones, singing songs together, and LAUGHING!!!! My heart was SO blessed!"
1-1-11 Heading to the Beach

Since then, we have been blessed with the twins and we are still Chaotic, but still so rewarding as well. We still babysit and trade and carpool and share.... we still fill our home and our hearts with children and laughter and love... and we are still SO blessed!  :-)
So I just thought I would share my little story with you :-)

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  1. Your family is beautiful. You are my heroine. I admire you. Hugs