Monday, November 2, 2009

Conviction... through the mouth of my 7 year old...

Ok, so I have always loved hearing people talk about the cute things their kids say, and on occation, my kids too say very cute things. I am just not usually quick enough to write it down so that the whole world knows how cute my kids are :-) Anyway, last night my daughter said something that I dont think I could forget if I TRIED...

Heather: Mommy, Daddy, Why do you guys spend more time on the computer than you do reading the bible?

There it is.... CONVICTION! My husband had a better response than I did and I am so glad that he spoke up first.

Daddy: OUCH!

Now see, I was thinking.... "Well, alot of the things that mommy and daddy read on the computer are about the bible.." or something patronizing like that... But My wonderful hunny hit the nail on the head. Ouch! what an appropriate response.

Daniel and I have recently been exposed to a speaker and author named Voddie Baucham.  We like him alot. He says all those things that are true, but most people would NEVER say because they would not want to risk offending you. Anyway, Voddie has a saying... "If you can't say Amen, say OUCH!"

Well, Ouch it is... That hurts... not because it is not true, but because it is true, and not good. I need to read my Bible. More often than I do. How can I claim to know God, or teach my children to know HIM, if I do not read HIS words?

I cannot. It is that simple. I can do bible study after bible study. I can read inspirational Christian author after inspirational Christian author, I can go to church Sunday after Sunday, but if I do not know God, what good does it do to know about him? NONE!

So, inspired by my 7 year old... I am gonna go READ.

I pray that you all are honest enough to be convicted by God through the mouths of your babies the way my husband was, instead of justifying some patronizing reason that does no one any good the way I wanted to.

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