Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My very favorite Easter song of all time!

Are you a fan of Veggie Tales? Once upon a time I was a HUGE fan!!! I didn't even have kids yet and I just LOVED Veggie Tales... I remember being SO excited when I finally had a little girl so that I could explain away my ENORMOUS collection of Veggie Tales movies. Have I ever mentioned that I am a little be strange? Well, just in case you have missed it, I am a little bit strange... There, I have said it. I feel better now.

Ok back to the point of this post. We were given the opportunity to go and see a screening a a new Veggie Tales movie (like 5 or 6 years ago) and I was down right giddy! So we went and saw it... nothing spectacular... just a cartoon... and even a remake of an old story... but there was one scene that has NEVER left me!  So many years have gone by since I first watched this movie and each year we watch it together as a family at least once... And STILL, every time I see this scene, I get goose bumps and tears stream down my face.

If you have not yet seen Veggie Tales an Easter Carol, I encourage you to. It is a silly little move.. great for kids, not bad for refocusing the holiday, but if nothing else jumps out at you, watch Hope's Song!!! It really is THE BEST Easter song I have ever heard.

Ok, that is it for now... I just wanted to share. I remember being on Myspace for several years in a row and wanting to post the video on my blog there... I could not find it anywhere... I even emailed Big Idea and asked for permission to post it and explained how I believed it was a WONDERFUL explanation of the gospel story... They wrote me back and said that it was a copyright infringement and I could not post it... but I just found it on YouTube, so PLEASE enjoy it! I am So excited that it is made public now :-)

Have a blessed Easter all of you. And remember how wonderfully blessed we are to have a redeemer who lives!

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