Tuesday, December 30, 2008

gift giving at an early age...

So I went to yard sale of a good friend a few months ago and there was another yard sale across the street. While my husband and girls were at my friends, my sons and I strolled across the street. This is how he was able to keep it a surprise from his sisters....
Steven has a heart for his sisters!

He saw these dolls (and several others) at a yard sale and BEGGED me to lend him the money to buy them for his sisters.
Out of 15 or so dolls, he chose this one specifically for Rebekah

And this one especially for Heather

Of all of the dolls on that table, I would have chosen the same dolls for the same girls. My little boy loves his sisters.

and that helps them love him more too....
(by the way, just in case you were wondering how much money I let a 3 year old spend on his sisters, the dolls were only $4 a piece)

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