Thursday, February 19, 2009

A responce to a blog I read

I read this blog today and I just LOVED it! I thought I would link it and maybe bless someone else today too.
Here was my reply to her:

I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhh I am so glad to have read this post! We have had the SAME experience. Our oldest started school last year (07-08 School year) and we started her in Kindergarten. Within 3 days we had a parent/teacher/principal/academic advisory meeting. Our little girl was TOO bright! Now, all of the reasons we imagined needing to have a conference with all of the important people in her school, that was NOT on the list! They were recommending bumping her up into the 1st grade. So we did.... Only to find that we missed her TERRIBLY! she LOVED going to school, but it tore my heart out each day when we had to walk home without her. And EVERY day when she came home, she treated the rest of us like we were beneath her because she was the smart one who not only got to go to school, but also bumped to the next grade, AND still the top of her class.... It got to the point where we would pick her up from school and come home to take naps, she would wake up in time to do her homework, eat dinner, take a bath, and go to bed.... I did not get to see her very much at all, and when I did, we were fighting about her bad attitude or the way that she treated her siblings or that even though everyone at school thought she was an angel, mommy and daddy still are in charge.... It was TERRIBLE! So, we did not put her back into school. We decided to homeschool. And I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING!!!! I am building character. That is all I know for sure. I do not have a daily routine (I have 3 other smaller children), I do not have a set curriculum (though I really like five in a row) and I do NOT know were we are going next. BUT..... I DO know that we are doing what we are SUPPOSED to be doing! I have wondered (at least weekly if not daily) if she is learning as much as teh kids in the public school. If I am teaching her (and the other kids) what really matters in life. If I am preparing her to be an independent, functional adult. I do not know. BUT, I love my little ones, and there is not a person on this rock who could doubt it. Thank you for your story. It has benefited me greatly today.

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