Thursday, February 19, 2009

Update on Adoption status

So, I have not been writing much at all, let alone updating the status on the adoption process. Sorry about that. I wish that I could report that we are finished with the certification process and just waiting for kids. I WISH!!
No, I am instead reporting that we are having to start the WHOLE process over again!!!
Yeah, you heard me right. We received a letter from Koinonia on Saturday that basically conveyed that Koinonia is no longer interested in us as a foster or adoptive family. But no other explanation. So.... for the last few days I have been on the phone leaving countless messages with supervisors of social workers who will not tell me why we are being discontinued in this process after all this time. Apparently it is a common procedure for a company like Koinonia to make it policy that no matter of the rejection decision is to be divulged to ANYBODY! (Not very helpful)
Let me tell you.... It has been a frustrated couple of days.
But today I was able to speak with a man who, though he knows he is not permitted to tell me why we were rejected, he also understands the predicament that this decision places us in and he was so kind as to let me guess what the problem is, and tell me "No, that is not an issue" or "well, let me tell you what you would be able to read on our web site" and once, even so much as "ok, now we are on the fringe of what I am not permitted to speak about, so let's redirect this conversation".
So.... as far as I can tell, the reason we are not able to adopt children through Koinonia is because we have four children already. It is Koinonia policy that a family not have more than 6 children TOTAL (including biological children) The strange thing about that is I remember reading that when we were first deciding whether to use Koinonia or another agency and asking a man (who I thought was) upper level management if this would be a problem. He said that it wouldn't because foster placement agencies are more interested in the best interest of the children (in this case siblings) than in an arbitrary number (a total of 6 kids) and bendable rule. (both of those words were HIS not MINE). Oh well, at least I know now what the problem was and that it is not something that will prevent us from adopting from another agency. 
I cannot tell you how irritating it is to be told "No" and not be told why. Anyhow.... The good news is that there are other agencies that do not have a problem with that, so we will just have to start over again. Not stop indefinitely.
So... here we go again.....

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