Wednesday, September 9, 2009

the first day of school...

So we decided that we are going to start school every year the first Tuesday after Labor day... that was yesterday. It went.... well... mostly.

My kids usually beat me out of bed.... they are just morning people, what can I say? Yesterday was no exception... they got up and went to play in the toy room (we decided to have the kids share bedrooms so that we could have one room designated for toys... keeps down on the mess in the rest of the house)  i got up, went in to let them know that I was making breakfast and that they could start cleaning up to come out...

They NEVER did!... the little turds!  So my oldest... who has started sleeping in a little bit later (cause who can blame her?), got to be busy with me until the others came out. (Did I mention, that never happened? URRRGGGG)
Anyway, we decided to take "school pictures" on our first day of school. We got the idea from a sweet blogger that I read. You can find her great stories here. Heather and I cut cardboard. We colored them. We did Desciple for the day. We read library books. We had lunch.... My other three STILL did not come out. And we were in there each time we changed activities. Kind of as a way to encourage them to hurry it up... Oh well... They all had naps and returned to the toy room.

Oh... the point of this story? Right, they did eventually come out... around 6pm.... and we took "school" pictures... I wanted to share them with you....
Figuring out who goes where....
our "classroom"
And just for fun....

So... that was our day... at least most of it..

Oh yeah, I also made fried chicken for dinner and it was YUMMY!  You can find the recipe here, or read about my friend (who posted the recipe) here.

Ok, that is all I have time to write for now. I have to go school my kids ;-) 

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