Saturday, May 23, 2009

So Blessed!!!!!

So, I did get up and take the dog for a walk. I took her to swim team practice when I took the girls. And I did have Heather do her "journal entry". Though, not until the next morning. Then yesterday I had a terrible headache all day until about 6:30. My hunny came home from work and made breakfast for dinner. The kids loved it. I loved not having to do it. After dinner (and a few excedrin) I felt so much better and "started" the day. I CLEANED!!!!!

Let me back up a little bit... On his way home from work, Daniel called me and asked if I thought it would be a good idea to invite some friends over for dinner some time this weekend. I mentioned that our house is in shambles, but that could be fun. We would just have our work cut out for us.

Well, he decided to invite TWO families over. So.... tonight we will have 6 adults and 9 kids enjoying our 1700 sq ft home. (Clean or Dirty) So last night when I got my 2nd wind energy for the day, I decided to make use of it.

I started by carving the ribs up... We got a GREAT deal a few weeks back and froze them. I carved them all up and put them in a marinade and looked around to feel accomplished and realized what a MESS my kitchen was in. Not only was there all of the normal catch all stuff everywhere, but now my counter tops were also blood splattered! EEEWWW! What started out as cleaning up my mess, turned into a full on cleaning spree.

All the clutter is gone,  the cabinets are organized, the dishes are done, the stove is clean, all the appliances are wiped down, and I even dared to do something I have NEVER DONE BEFORE!!!!! I mopped the kitchen floor!

Now don't get me wrong, I am sure that when I was a little girl I chased my mommy around the kitchen and tried to "help". And do not think that I have never cleaned my floors. I have 4 kids, a hubby and a dog, not to mention that I have never been a "neat freak", my floors not only get dirty but they also NEED to be clean. HOWEVER, I have NEVER, successfully mopped a floor... Until last night. I usually go around the floor on my hands and knees and clean, with a scrub brush and rag, one kitchen tile at a time until it is done. every time I have ever tried to use a mop before, it just spread the dirt around to make the floor evenly dirty instead of clean with a patch or 10 of gross spots. I didn't see the point in wasting my energy. I FINALLY bought a mop about a month ago because it was on sale at Smart and Final and got up enough umph to use it last night. (With help from the expectation of LOTS of friends coming over)

Well, as someone who knows...... THE MOP IS MY FRIEND!!! I got so much done. And it didn't hurt my knees. Or my back, or my elbows... you get the point.

Ok, Ok, so I cleaned..... I guess you get the point.

Well, I finally went to bed at around 3am and slept! I had to finish filing away all the stinkin' paperwork that piles itself on the counter top first though. But anyway, This morning I got up and had coffee and continued where I left off, but with help.

Apparently the condition of the kitchen and dinning room was enough to jump start the rest of the family in cleaning mode. The girls cleaned and organized their bedrooms, did the laundry, and finished up in the bathrooms. Daniel has been busy all morning. And the boys have either been trying to help or happily staying out of the way.

THEN... Daniel got the wonderful idea to go for a walk to the park. He made sandwiches and we all walked to the park (about a mile) with the dog. It was so much fun! When we got home, the kids laid down for naps and we are finishing up on the house. YAY! What an awesome day!

Ok, well, that is my update for now... I will join my hunny in the forever task of cleaning and decluttering and organizing. Until next time,
Enjoy your day!

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